How do you see yourself?  How do others perceive you?  Is your personal image representing the true you? It is important to wear the right outfits, colors, styles and attitude to achieve your best look. In addition, it is essential to wear the right mind-set about your self-image because the way you see yourself will have a mirror effect on how others see you.

At Image Chariot we empower you to look and feel great, put your best and perform with  greater self-confidence with the help of our products and services. We provide you with personalised solutions on wardrobe, styling, grooming, etiquette and body language.  With proper grooming, wardrobe, accessories and body language, you will project your best image and unique personal style to create greater opportunities and improved relationships.

Image Chariot consultancy will assist you communicate your personal or professional goals successfully to project greater confidence in all situations. 

 The following are some of the services under Image Consulting.

  • Powerful First Impressions
  • Look The Part
  • Personal Style Statement
  • Style Your Shape
  • Color Your Confidence
  • Wardrobe Planning
  • Accessory Selection
  • Personal Shopping
  • Personal Care Regimen
  • Appearance Management
  • Personal Development
  • Fashion Styling
  • Communication Style
  • Coaching
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